• Hello world…

    It seems fitting that the title of this post stays Hello World to start this project. Let me begin with a little reflection. WordPress as a project is hitting a milestone this year, but technology feels like it hits milestones each week, almost daily at this point. This for someone that’s been in both WordPress and the web for a considerable time is both exciting, thrilling and curious.

    I find myself craving a space to pause, to navigate through those opportunities, possibilities and dig deeper. Have time to explore and reflect with others even. This is what this project is about. It is starting simply as a space where I am going to share both written explorations, experiments and also things I am discovering as I am exploring.

    As far as the written explorations go, I want to try exploring some longer forms when I write and also some resource gathering approaches. These might be more visual essays or longer research types – I am not sure yet but excited to explore.

    Experimenting has been at the core of how I’ve learnt over the years and one of the drives I have is to start that again, so a part of what I want to do is explore new things through doing within this project.

    I am aware what I might be finding myself interested in might not be what others think I should be taking notice of, so I want to also challenge and have conversations around things, not just consider one view in this, how that happens will be explored later. For now, I’m starting with a hello world as all good projects.